Recover External HDD Folders

Do You want to Recover Folders from External Hard Drive?

External hard drives are used in wide range nowadays. Various types of files like movies, songs, eBooks, documents, Word files are stores in external hard disks by making use of various folders. People use to store files in these hard disks as back up or for collection purpose. However, loosing these files due to any undesirable scenario will make you feel bad. It is very difficult for you to recover these files just with the help of operating system. In order to recover folders from external hard drive, you have to use some efficient third party recovery tool. There are various such tools available in the market, but not all are trustful tools. Some may harm your computer too. Recover Folders software is a powerful tool to help you out in such critical conditions.

Recover Folders software is an award winning tool that can easily retrieve folder from Windows 7, Windows XP/ Vista/ 8 and also from popular versions of Macintosh. Folders deleted due to formatting of the disk can also be easily restored. It is built with powerful recovery algorithm that easily scans your whole hard disk in few minutes and recovers all possible files and folders.

Common scenarios of folder deletion from external hard disk drive are:

  • Deletion by Antivirus scanning: Malwares like viruses are the main cause of corruption of any storage device. If the external hard drive data are inaccessible due to virus attack then we use Antivirus utility to repair of Virus affected files and folders. But meantime some critical folders are deleted during the scanning process. This ultimately leads to folder deletion in hard drive.
  • Defrag Failure: As you know that the external drive can be defragmented to increase its efficiency. So any errors during the defragmentation process of external hard drives causes defrag failure which ultimately deletes some important folders from external hard drives.
  • Accidental deletion: Folders from external drive can be deleted due to common human made mistakes like deleting some important folders by mistake instead of any other junk folder. Folders deleted from external drive using simple "Delete" key also bypass the Recycle Bin in Windows. But, you can recover folders from external hard drive easily using this application.
  • Other reasons like improper shutting down of the system or instant power failure while the external hard disk drive folders are still in use may delete some of the important folders.

To come out of such type of folder deletion scenarios from external hard drive, you must recover folders from external hard drive using folder recovery tools like Recover Folders software. But you should not write any new data into that hard drive until and unless you recover all the deleted or lost folders. Because the deleted folders can never be recovered using any recovery tool once their contents are overwritten.

This software also enables you to restore accidentally deleted folder in Windows operating system as well as restore deleted folders on Macintosh. Apart from external hard drive, it can retrieve My Documents folder and also from memory cards (like SD, CF, XD, MMC etc.), FireWire drives, USB drives etc. It can also facilitates you to compress the recovered folders using ZIP or RAR format to save disk space.

Steps to recover folders from external hard drive:

Step 1: Download and install Recover Folders software on your PC. After launching the software select "Recover Files" option from the main window as shown in Fig A.

Recover Folders from External Hard Drive - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: Then select the external drive from list of logical drives and click on "Next" button as shown in Fig B.

Folder Recovery from External HDD - Select External Drive

Fig B: Select External Drive

Step 3: You are able to see the recovered folders list along with their files after the scanning is over and you can also evaluate the folder recovery results as shown in Fig C.

External Hard Disk Folders Recovery - Recovered Data

Fig C: Recovered Data